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Eagle Street Tour

10 Locations ~ Curated by Ely Janis
Take a walk through the past of one of North Adams’ oldest and important business districts!

Hillside Cemetery Tour

9 Locations ~ Curated by Ely Janis
Come explore historic Hillside Cemetery and learn the stories of some of those people who are buried there!

MCLA Narratives

7 Locations ~ Curated by MLCA Students in ARTH 311 Art & Collective Identity
Are you curious about the first African American to graduate from MCLA with a four-year degree? Did you ever wonder what the rules and regulations were for students in the 1950s? The MCLA Narratives tour investigates the history of MCLA’s people,…

Roadside North Adams

10 Locations ~ Curated by The Historic North Adams Team
Even before the construction of the Mohawk Trail in 1914, North Adams has served as a tourist attraction for the surrounding area and beyond. This driving tour begins on the Mohawk Trail and continues on into North Adams proper. While some of the…

Sprague Electric through Workers' Eyes

6 Locations ~ Curated by The Historic North Adams Team
Since Arnold Print Works first opened at this site in 1860, 87 Marshall Street has been a center for economic activity in North Adams. Beginning in 1942, Sprague Electric Company employed thousands of North Adams residents until its closure in 1985.…

City of Steeples Downtown Religious Sites Tour

9 Locations ~ Curated by the Historic North Adams Team
A downtown walking tour that visits many of the historic houses of worship that helped win North Adams the name of "Steeple City."

Blackinton Neighborhood Tour

8 Locations ~ Curated by the Historic North Adams Team.
Centered on a thriving industrial complex, the Blackinton neighborhood forged its own identity between Williamstown and North Adams.

Historic Mills and Factories

11 Locations ~ Curated by Historic North Adams Team
This tour focuses on the historic mills and factories that helped propel North Adams to economic success during the industrial revolution. Many of these mills and factories closed several decades ago but many of the remaining buildings have been…