Blackinton Manor

One of the oldest standing buildings in the neighborhood, this was the home of Sanford Blackinton.

The Blackinton Manor is one of the oldest standing buildings in the Blackinton area and was built as a home for Sanford Blackinton. In the early nineteenth century, Sanford Blackinton had established a mill in the area. This growing business would attract many migrants looking for work; this would eventually cause the Blackinton mill to become the center of a large community.  

The house was built in 1832 and served as the home of Blackinton and his family until he moved to a nearby location in 1846 and sold the house to his son, William Blackinton.  The original design of the house was in the federal revival style--long, narrow windows, a center entrance, and twin chimneys. Later, additions would be added in a Greek revival style.

An overseer of the mill named A.E Hopkins rented the house from William Blackinton during the 1870s. After William's death in the 1880s, E.W. (Edward) Blackinton inherited the house; it would remain in the Blackinton family until the 1950s (longer than any other Blackinton property).

After several changes in ownership since then, today the house functions as an elegant country inn, taking in guests throughout the year (particularly during the summer).



1391 Massachusetts Avenue, North Adams, MA ~ Private property.