Sprague Electric during World War II

During World War II there were many different companies all over the globe aiding their allies in hopes that they would win. Whether it was through buying bonds, creating new technologies, or supplying the soldiers with what was needed, they were always willing to help. One of these companies was Sprague Electrics, located in North Adams Massachusetts.

Sprague Electrics was brought in not only because there was a large factory no longer being used, but also to help bring in more jobs for this community. By the time World War II rolled around Sprague was a huge multi-million dollar company and was creating many different types of technologies, some of which were used in the war and made a huge impact. Some of theses technologies included the miniature clad capacitor which was used in proximity fuses and in guided missiles. They also created the mini molded tubular capacitors that were made of miscellaneous paper, mica, and ceramic which were used in many different types of technologies used both by the US and the Allied Forces.

During the height of the war many men were deployed leaving the women at home, in order to make ends meet women had to start working. When this happened, the majority of the workers at Sprague became women who worked on gas masks and different types of capacitors for the war.

In March 1943 the town of North Adams created a day called Sprague Day. It was a day of recognition for the workers at Sprague to show how much the town and the people that lived in it appreciated the work and recognize what the people at Sprague did to help aid their troops in the war. It was celebrated on March 29th every year. Not too long after this, Sprague Electrics was awarded with the Army-Navy E Award for the outstanding work in aiding the technological advances during World War II. This was a huge accomplishment for Sprague for this award meant that not only were they being recognized by the United States but also by the Allied Forces. The war still pressed on until 1945, but until then Sprague worked hard to make sure they did their part.