MCLA's Student Government Association (SGA)

MCLA's Student Government Association (SGA) started more than one hundred years ago. SGA controls the budgets of clubs and allows students to have a voice in decisions the school makes. The MCLA archives retain records of SGA budgets and constitutions from 1953 until the present day. The archives also contain an SGA constitution, as well as rules and regulations for Taconic Hall, the former dormitory, for the 1953-1954 school year.

In the past SGA had a part in shaping life in the dorms. This has changed, however, and now SGA does not regulate what goes on in the dorms. Past regulations for dormitories describe many rules that are very outdated in comparison to present rules, such as dress codes for students. In addition, some of the former rules seem quite strange today, such as etiquette on when to clean mops, strict rules about leaving campus, and no wearing high heels on the second floor during quiet hours. Some rules, though, were similar to our current dormitory guidelines, such as quiet hour regulations.

The archives also contain many lists of clubs, such as WJJW radio station, Harlequin, and the Beacon, some of which still exist today. The documents also include budgets of former clubs, with basketball often getting the most money in the past. Comparing clubs of the past and present shows how the school has grown and changed. However, the continuation of some clubs shows that they are likely evolving with the community as well.

A lot has changed since the beginning of SGA, such as what it has control over, but much remains the same; for example SGA still works with clubs to provide fun activities. SGA and its history on this campus continue to be a relevant topic because of the impact it has had on campus life throughout the years.



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