12-16 Eagle Street

The Decker Block

The rich history of this building block has almost always included a barber shop.

12-16 Eagle Street was known as the Decker Block throughout the 1800s. This simple brick building stands only a short walk from Main St and houses one of the longest existing restaurants that has been on Eagle St.

A devastating fire made its way through the Decker Block in the mid-1800s, leaving behind a shell. The current building was built in its place. The Decker brothers, Isaac and Edwin, the current owners at the time, completed the renovations around 1876.

The building itself has had two other owners beside the brothers. The Witherall family owned the building during the early half of the twentieth century. The building was then sold to longtime renters, Mary and Jufros Levanos. It is currently owned by Jeff Levanos and is now oftentimes referred to as the Levanos Building.

Several businesses have been located in both buildings. Very few records have survived from the earlier building and the earliest ads that have been found starts as early as 1900. These ads help to provide a timeline of how long these businesses were located here.

Looking for a good locksmith and handy man? In the early half of the twentieth century, Mr. Eugene H. Babcock could have helped you. Located on the second floor of 12 Eagle Street, Mr. Babcock’s shop was located there from 1900 to 1952.

Looking for a specialized art and photo shop supply store? Also located on the second floor of 12 Eagles was Mr. R. E. Schouler. He sold art and photo supplies in his shop from 1903 to 1921.

Next door, 14 Eagle Street has had a long history of housing barbers. Ferris Barber Shop was located here from 1970 to 1973. Ferris many not have been there long but there has almost always been a barber shop since then. Norm’s Barber Shop moved in to Eagle Street in 1974 and it was at least there until the 1980s. The current barber shop, Klipper Kingz, has been there since 2008.

The longest resident of 12 Eagle Street, beating out Mr. Babcock for being in business there for the longest, is Jack’s Hot Dog Stand. 2017 was the 100th anniversary for this little restaurant. This tiny hole-in-the-wall of a restaurant might be small but it is worth stopping by.

The Levanos Building or more commonly known as the Decker Block has been standing for over 140 years. It has housed many different businesses and owners of the building has changed several times. Who knows what the next hundred years could bring?



12-16 Eagle Street, North Adams, MA 01247