43-51 Eagle Street

At various times, you could buy cigars, clothing, toys, and books at the stores here.

Everyone has errands to run and things to buy, and from the 1870’s to the present day, 43-51 Eagle Street, also known as the Jane A. Cady block, would always make it onto your list of places to go. Starting in the 1860’s William Bradford owned the properties and his daughter Jane A. Cady inherited the block after her father's passing. She soon turned the block into a thriving business area. Having a hardware store and grocery next to other meant that families could do their shopping together.

After Jane Cady passed away the buildings were sold and split between Simon Kronick and Jacob Lenhoff who transformed the block into a Cash Market and a Clothing Store respectively at 49 Eagle Street. In 1897 at 49 Eagle Street, you would find T.M Calnan’s Cigar Store, a pillar in the community where men from all over town gather to share stories while buying and smoking cigars. Also at 49 Eagle Street, Troy Cash Grocery & Meat Market was another booming business that sold high quality foods at low costs. Troy’s was the place where everyone went to buy their groceries and see familiar faces while shopping. This was a well liked shop in the community where men could relax and enjoy each other’s company.

For many years after until 1925, the People’s Cash Market by Kronick was a booming business. Located at 45 Eagle Street, this market sold all sorts of differing groceries. Another longtime business beside the Cash Market is Lenhoff’s Guarantee Clothiers. However an unfortunate fire in 1927, caused the store to have repeated sales in attempt to get rid of damaged goods in hopes of recovering some profit.

Another staple business in the North Adams community was Sam Hirsh’s Drug Store. If you needed medicine to ease aching pain, this drug store was a great place to find remedies to get better. In 1949, the Readyhough Flowers at 44 Eagle Street was a great place to find the items to win over the hearts of your beau. However, its time on Eagle Street was short lived and the business moved a few years later to 371 Eagle Street.

In 1958, Jack’s Army & Clothing Store first opened and is still a longtime resident on 49 Eagle Street. The store was known for their low prices and quality materials. Jack’s Army and Clothing store catered to men, women and children. The next business, the Pepper Tree, opened 1974 as a popular boutique at 43 Eagle Street. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Valmore Richards, sold things that appealed to the young and old, including jewelry as well as embroidery and knitting. The shop also specialized in Christmas wreaths and ornaments.

In 1975, the happiest place in North Adams was the Dickory Dock, a toy store. The store at this time moved from 15 Eagle Street to 45 Eagle Street because of the need for more space to meet the growing demand for their products . The store had two levels. Two years later, The Corner Attic at 48 Eagle Street was a place that let people buy and sell used books. It also served as a jewelry and wood art store. The Corner Attic was an ideal place for many everyday items all in one place.

Together, these stories show the important legacy and impact of businesses found at 43-51 Eagle Street in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.