9-13 Eagle Street

Starting with a reputation as a great place to find seafood, 9-13 Eagle St. evolved to house long-standing clothing and jewelry shops.

Many different businesses resided at 9 Eagle Street that had an impact on the community over the course of the twentieth century. First known as Rope’s Fish Market in the 1920s and then Whitcomb’s Fish Market, it was finally bought as the Favreau Brother’s Market and renamed Saulnier’s Market in 1930 by Wilfred F. Saulnier who remained in charge for over thirty-five years of excellent service in North Adams. Saulnier’s specialized in seafood which is what they were known for. Wilfred Saulnier closed the market doors on September 2, 1967 after over thirty-five years of business in North Adams, leaving a mark on the community.

The property was then sold to John J. Levanos, proprietor of Jack’s Hot Dog Stand. In 1968 the space that used to be Saulnier’s Market was then renovated and made available for new business to come in. Center Sports Goods was looking to move from their Main Street location at the time so as a result, the owner Fred M. Levey decided to move the business to 9 Eagle Street in 1968. Center Sports Goods was at this location until they closed in the 1980s.

The jewelry stores that resided at 13 Eagle Street also made their mark on Eagle Street and the community of North Adams. First known as Pharmer’s Jewelers in the 1930s managed by Harry B. Jolley, this was later bought on February 8th 1943 and was renamed Jolley Jeweler’s. At that point it was owned by Harry B. Jolley and co-owned by his wife Elizabeth Jolley which shows how involved they were with their new business. Jolley sold everything from silver plates and silverware to wedding rings and watches. Jolley Jeweler’s closed its doors in May of 1971 and the property was put up for sale.

Louis and Susan Chalifoux were looking to open up their very own clothing store and 13 Eagle Street seemed like the very place to establish it. The Feminine Twist was opened in 1976 by another husband and wife dynamic duo at 13 Eagle Street eager and excited to get into the business scene. In the early 1980s they left 13 Eagle Street and moved to their location at 85 Main Street. Soon after the well-known Sprague Electric closed The Feminine Twist followed in 1985, leaving yet another legacy on Eagle Street and in the small town of North Adams Massachusetts.



9-13 Eagle Street, North Adams, MA 01247